Donating Books to Luiseno Library

It was a great honor to donate books to Luiseno School at their assembly with Ms. Ajemian. Mommy Eats Fried Grasshoppers is dedicated to the students at Luiseno and Ms. Ajemian along with my daughters Mahlee and Leela. The students and Ms. Ajemian played a big role in the journey of this book. Nine years ago, Ms. Ajemian asked me to present Lao Culture day (which was based on #mommyeatsfriedgrasshoppers book) to her 1st grade class and I still present Lao Culture Day to the class every year. Thank you so much Luiseno and Ms. Ajemian for being part of this exciting ride. 
Also, thank you Melody Anton @johndeere_824 for being part of this awesome journey since the beginning and for encouraging students, the principal, staff and the school mascot to try some yummy 
grasshoppers. What a beautiful day to share the message of following your dreams and believing in yourself with the students. 💕

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