Reading Mommy Eats Fried Grasshoppers at Barnes & Noble

So fun to be part of the annual Barnes & Noble and Luiseno Elementary School book fair event. Had the pleasure of sharing Lao culture and diversity by reading #mommyeatsfriedgrasshoppers book. Even got them to try grasshoppers. They also played w banana slippers and banana leaf horse. What a great family night.

1 thought on “Reading Mommy Eats Fried Grasshoppers at Barnes & Noble”

  1. A story of generational and cultural differences between mother and daughter. Endearing illustrations show Mahlee learning how differently Mommy did things as a child in Laos than she does in America. Mahlee loves doing everything with Mommy, but will she eat fried grasshoppers? A great way to inspire a conversation about childhood, culture and family history.

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